"Elspec" sp o.o. is an authorized distributor Glassworks 'Łużyce' from Pieńsk, near Zgorzelec.

Glass making is in the area over 180 years of tradition and the glass is produced today is the traditional method of hand by experienced metallurgists-artists. In our shop, we offer you high quality glass lighting and utility in a wide range of colors and many different types of decorations. According to traditional method, every single lampshade is unique and may have individual characteristics indicating hand-made production - single air bubbles, minor scratches. To complete the suspension, which will complete the lamp tailored to your needs, and high-quality lighting fixtures produced by well-known in Europe, the Czech company Osmont.



All our glass products are hand-made by polish glassworkers, according to traditional production methods. Small differences in glass thickness, single air bubbles or small scratch are evidence of uniqueness of our every glass product.

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