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Opal matte lamp GALAXIA L1 - śr. 1540 mm

A hand crafted lampshade carefully made of high quality three-layered opal (white) matted glass. A sling with an adjustable length visible on the photograph included in a set. This items look exactly how it is on a photo. Brand new, straight from the manufacturer.

Price zł8,556.90 Regular price zł15,558.00
In stock

Lamp VELA L - d. 500 mm

Lampshade made of acryl glass. A hanger made of steel, with a transparent power supply cord is included ina set. This item looks exactly how it is on a photo. Brand new straight from the manufacturer.

Price zł1,462.50 Regular price zł1,950.00
In stock
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Decorative glass

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Silver fish

A decoratiove fish hand crafted with special care from fosted glass embelished with silver paint.

Price zł78.15
In stock

In this section you will find glass items ideal for present or element of decoration that will fit to every place.

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